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Air Plant Care


Air Plants, which are also known as Tillandsia, are some of the easiest plants to take care of - but they do require some care in order to thrive

Sun Exposure

How to Display your Airplant


When finding a home for your air plant it is best to not use an enclosed globe because this encourages wet conditions which will do damage to your air plant. Air circulation is an important variable to help your plant survive and stay healthy. Plants located too close to vents in your home may dry out sooner and require water for requently.

Airplants can truly rest on any type of surface whether it be a shelf, stand, or macrame hanger. We recommend putting them on a surface in which you can remove them for watering. Plus, you can then move them around to other displays in your home!

Even though Air plants are not your typical houseplant they still need exposure to light. If they are kept indoors you will want to make sure they are within 4-6 feet of a window or near an artificial light source. Direct sun will be harmful to Air plants so keep this in mind if you are keeping your plants outside in the warmer months.

Air plants thrive on windowsills (indirect light) and if placed in a bathroom windowsill the steam/moisture will keep them looking happy.

Air plants to require water to survive even though they are not planted in soil. We recommend watering them once a week by putting the plants face down in a bowl filled with water for 30 minutes. After watering, shake any excess water off and either lay to dry fully or pat dry with a towel. During the warm months, you may want to mist the plant once or twice a week. Wrinkled, curled, or soft leaves can be a sign water is needed.


Spanish Moss: Spanish Moss is a tad different when it comes to watering. It prefers humidity and does not like to stay wet for long. We reccomend misting the strand of moss once every two weeks in the summer months and once a week in the winter months rather than being submerged in water.

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