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Succulent Care


Succulents have a vast variety of color, textures, growth habits and appearances.

Soil Conditions

Sun Exposure


Succulents thrive in well-draining soil that can hold enough water for them to absorb what they need, but then can dry out quicky. If you are purchasing a store-bought soil make sure to avoid all mixe that include peat moss and vermiculite. Both of these additives are made to retain water which could cause your succulent's roots to rot. If you're interseste in making your own soil, the general place to start would be 1-part organic matter (potting soil, compost, broken down leaves) to 2-parts inorganic matter (perlite, coarse sand, small gravel). The combo of these two types of matter will help with providing nutrients to your succulent and also ample drainage.



When finding the perfect location outdoors for your succulent it is best to look for an area that gets ample sun in the morning, but then filtered sun/shade in the afternoon. When growing succulents indoors, look for a south-facing window or room that will give you succulent 8+ hours of bright light. If you do not have a space that fits either of these descriptions, you can use a grow light (when indoors) to provide plenty of light to your succulent. There are some succulents that do not need as much light as others: haworthia, jade plants, or zebra plants. These tend to be more forgiving and not need as much sun exposure.‚Äč

Succulents need more water than you think. We recommend drenching the pot in a sink, letting in drain, then wait until the soil is fully dried out to repeat the process. Many indoor succulent owners tend to water every 14-21 days (use this as a general guideline). Avoid watering the leaves of the succulent and try to pour water into the soil. Water resting on leaves for a long period of time can cause the leaf to rot. With this being said, we do not recommend using a spray bottle to water your succulents.

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