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Creating & curating drop-in container arrangements to add color and life to your outdoor space.



  Drop-in Arrangements

This is our most economical way to receive designer-quality container arrangements for your home, office, apartment or business.  This option is great for people who LOVE container plantings but lack the know-how, time or desire to put together their own arrangement.  This option is great for people who:


* Already have a container or multiple containers

* Are budget conscious, but appreciate quality

* Love plants but don't know how to care for them

* Would like to add instant curb appeal

* Need low-maintenance gardening options




  On-site Container Planting

We will perform traditional on-site plantings directly into your existing containers with this option.  First, we ask you to fill out our initial consultation questionaire with specifics on your containers, such as sizing of each, location, etc.  We will also collect follow up details if needed about what you would like to see (color scheme, style, etc) and any pinterest/inspiration pictures via an email request.  Based on this information, we will then generate a contract outlining the cost of the project and approximate plant material to be used.  We require a 50% deposit to move forward with the scheduling process.  The remainder of the payment will be due after services are rendered.  Drive-time and labor are calculated separately and are non-negotiable.  A minimum order of $500 applies.

This option is great for people who:


* Have several larger containers (20+ inch diameter) or pots with unique shapes (fish-bowl or zen bowl styles)

* Need larger plant material to fill their containers or do not wish to have the soil removed for drop-ins

* Want a fully customized design experience

* Do not have budget restrictions



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